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Audience Friendly There is no software that you need to download, or install. Your conference call participants need only an Internet connection and a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Web conferencing services provided by 247 ConferenceCall are fire-wall friendly, so they will work around your firewall (if you have one).

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With just a click you can publish your Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, or Excel files. Flip through slides while your participants watch seamlessly, read through a MS word document, or even review stats from a local worksheet. You can store up to 10 powerpoint projects at one time with a web conferencing services account from 247 ConferenceCall. And with our SSL encryption working for you, documents are secure.

Web tours Show your conference call participants what you're looking at - no hunting for URL addresses to follow along. You control what your participants see on their screen.

Application Sharing Share a single application, or the entire desktop if need be. Conference call participants will be able to see what you're doing on your screen in real time - including mouse movements, keyboard strokes, websites, and more. 247 ConferenceCall's web conferencing services allow you to share control of any application or your desktop, with any of your guests. This allows you to work on a document together or conduct training if required. Includes Remote Desktop Control for technical help and troubleshooting.

Recording 247 ConferenceCall's Web Conferencing Services now has a built in recording feature that allows you to archive your webinar. 247 ConferenceCall's Web Conferencing Services captures both the web and audio portions of the presentation. The archive is delivered in a flash file immediately following your presentation.

Easy Web Based Access Start a Web conference on a whim during a call, or e-mail an invitation in advance. Participants need just the URL and entry code.

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