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2.9 Per minute, Free flat rate Conference Calls a Simple, Clear & Reliable Toll-Free Number, Unlimited  Minutes

Toll Free Conference Call Service

Similar to our flat rate conferencing service, there are no startup fees with 247 ConferenceCall . Nor are there any cancellation fees. Our services are billed month to month at 2.9 cents per minute for whatever you use, 247 ConferenceCall offers toll free conference calling at 2.9 cents per minute using fiber optics, not VOIP! This service is excellent to use in Canada and the United States with no monthly minimums to pay!

Once your account is setup, you can start using it instantly - no reservations or calling ahead needed. You will get two pin codes once signed up for our toll free conferecing service. These are a moderate code and a participant code.

Participants dial into the conference call, and wait on hold until the moderator enters with the moderator code. The conference call will then begin. If you turn on the music on hold feature you can also use the auto host disconnect feature. This will automatically disconnect all participants when the last host leaves.

When participants dial back into the conference call, they will hear only music and will not be able to converse or interact until another host (or moderator) connects.

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